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Specialized Treatments

In addition to the generalized energy balancing sessions offered, now you can receive specialized sessions. These treatments offer focused healing toward specific goals. A unique combination of sound, reiki, acupuncture, (with stones!) affirmations and energy work come together to create a powerful and loving healing environment. 

Self-Love Session

If you're feeling discouraged, down on yourself, or experiencing low self esteem, this treatment will open your heart to your own love and the love of the universe. It helps tame the inner critic and allows you to be gentle with yourself. 

-1 hr treatment

Calming Session

Repetitive thoughts, anxiety, tension, and stress and fear will melt away as you are gently grounded and cleared of excess energy that isn't serving you. Sleep will come much more easily after this session as well.

-1 hr treatment

Energizing Session

Those who suffer from mental fogginess, fatigue, and weariness can put down the 3rd cup of coffee and enjoy a natural, clean energy boost from a revitalizing and replenishing session. 

-1 hr treatment

Cord Cutting/Extraction

Does something or someone have you gripped? Has your focused energy manifested an energetic entity that influences you in negative ways? Do you need to break energetic ties to someone who is draining your energy? This treatment gently and meticulously severs those ties and heals all souls affected. 

-1 hr treatment


Do you feel like something happened in your past that you need to remember? Do you need any information drawn out of deep, hidden storage in your body? This treatment can help you remember anything from suppressed memories to lost joy. The body knows how much you can handle and won't overwhelm you, instead helps you feel like a more complete version of yourself.

-1 hr treatment

Deep, Soul-Level Treatments

Some of the issues we deal with are so deep in our body that one treatment isn't sufficient to break us of these programs. Childhood trauma and pain too great to bear gets pushed down and stored deep in our essence. These treatments gently draw out the stored emotions in alignment with what our bodies can handle and relieve us from longterm pain.

Your Blueprint

What is the purpose of your life? What is beneath the programming and societal influences? This treatment boosts you up and gives strength and life blood to the things that make you, you.

-30 min treatment 3 weeks in a row

Let it Go

Clean out the closet like Marie Kondo. Rid yourself of parasites and detox and purify anything in your essence that is not serving you. Release stored latent emotions, old patterns, anger and resentment, and weed the garden to reveal your true, beautiful nature. 

-30 min treatment 3 weeks in a row

The Mother Wound

When we grow up with issues surrounding our mother figure, it creates many holes in our lives we try to fill with empty actions. We struggle with control issues, bonding and intimacy issues, surrender, trust, and addiction. This treatment releases those programs to allow you to surrender to the divine flow and understand true, soul-level intimacy.

-30 min treatment 3 weeks in a row

The Father Wound

When we grow up with issues surrounding our father figure, it creates many holes in our lives we try to fill with empty actions. We lack ambition, forward motion, independence and curiosity, We can become stagnant and full of shame and heartbreak. This treatment gives you your courage back to break the cycle and make the next big step you need in your life.

-30 min treatment 3 weeks in a row

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