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About Me

Hello, beautiful soul. This is me writing this, so in the pursuit of complete authenticity, I’m not going to write in 3rd person. This is from my heart to yours without a weird filter.

I grew up in a challenging environment. My parents loved me the way they knew how, and provided for me very well in every department except the emotional ones. The deep ones. I came into this world with a deep intuitive nature, and it was difficult for me to find connection in the everyday and with my family. I had a wealth of love and compassion in my heart that wasn’t spent on myself or my family, so I always found myself taking care of all the “lost puppies” and being a voice for those who couldn’t find their own. I began to turn to the “subtle” realms, although never very subtle for me. Many allies showed up for me along this path, and supported me along my journey. I’ve always had “invisible” friends and guides. The biggest ally showed up in the form of stones at a very early age. They lit my path as I walked and always found their way into my pink, silk jacket pockets which pissed my mother off to no end. They began to be hidden - under the bed, in the closet, wherever I could keep they safe and nearby. I always felt the magic with these beings and enjoyed the comfort they brought me.

They stayed under my bed or nearby until I left for college. They worked with me energetically through those years, in dreams or through watching “Gemstones with Marvin” (an infomercial show) in the early hours of the morning to help bring sleep. Fast-forward a few years to my twenties when I had a dream that reawakened my relationship with them. I immediately knew they were part of my path and I’ve spent almost every day since then working with them. They’ve been teaching me the whole universe through their magical and multidimensional lens. I’ve learned the normal things like geology, archaeology, geography, and history; but also chemistry, anatomy, quantum physics and mechanics, creation, world religions, philosophy, the subtle realms and energy…. the list goes on.

They’ve also taught me about myself: my past, my future, and how to be the best version of myself right now. I’ve transitioned from someone with crippling anxiety ravaged with physical and spiritual illness into an embodied, powerful woman on a healing journey ready to bring others along with me. I’m here to be the voice of the beings who helped me save myself and to help them do the same for others. 

I combine cutting-edge psychotherapy with multidimensional energy work and techniques I’ve learned from many different ancient world religions to create powerful healing journeys for every soul I’m blessed to work with. I hope to make this world a more special, rich and meaningful place, one person at a time. 

I've studied under:

Robert J. Gilbert Ph.D at the Vesica Institute for Holistic Studies

Jeffrey Yuen - an 88th generation Daoist Priest from the Jade Purity School, Lao Tzu sect

Sarah Thomas at Upper Clarity School of Stone Medicine - Stone Medicine Graduate

Caroline Padgett at Temple of Earth and Sky Mystery School - Golden Serpent Shamanic Priestess & Temple Arts Program

Valerie Nunnely at Compassionate Journeys - Native American Shamanism Mentorship 2 year intensive

Laura Geiger - Polyvagal and Somatic Bodywork

Stephanie Nosco - Medical Qi Gong


Crystal Reiki Master/Teacher

Color Therapy

Crystal Healing

Animal Reiki

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