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Patricia synthesizes all of these ancient techniques with modern quantum physics/mechanics, sacred geometry, energy medicine, scalar energy/superluminal light, crystal healing and more, offering these completely unique services:

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Ancient Taoist Stone Medicine

Acupuncture without needles! Stones provide a much more effective experience than factory-made steel needles due to their powerful vibrational properties. The acupuncture meridians are energetic pathways that respond much more directly to energetic tools. This knowledge from an 88th generation Taoist priest named Jeffrey Yuen is finally making its way out of the protection of his lineage and into the world where it is needed now more than ever.

Learn more about stones here




Patricia is a certified Master-Level Crystal Reiki practitioner. She is a 2nd Degree Reiki Jin Kei Do (The Way of Compassion and Wisdom) practitioner, and also a certified Animal Reiki practitioner. Reiki is a non-intrusive healing modality using lifeforce energy (Chi, Prana, etc) to remove blockages in energy flow throughout the body and revitalize existing energy channels and the luminous field.

She also teaches Reiki Levels 1&2



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Native American Shamanic Techniques

Shaman are able to “walk between worlds” or navigate the unseen realms of consciousness, helping to retrieve lost soul fragments or quantum information that escapes throughout life when we face difficult circumstances. These ancient techniques bring completion and wholeness to those who have suffered trauma, with gentle yet extremely powerful ceremonies that are unique for every individual.

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