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Prism Stones and Gifts


Prism Stones and Gifts is a lifelong dream of mine that I've put my heart and soul into making a reality! I've loved crystals since I was a little girl and being a community resource for super special crystals is my soul work for this go-round. Prism will be located in Botanica Plant Shop starting in February- combining my two passions and bringing all the best vibes into one amazing spot!

Prism Stones and Gifts is also a community medicine space, safe for all types and friendly to all kinds. All of the jewelry, art and gifts are made by local female artists that I know personally who put so much heart and soul into their work. 

These are the current vendors!

My hope is that everyone can find a special soul piece here that brings them childlike joy, blessings, wonder, and magic. I love you all!

I also make educational ASMR-style videos about crystals! 



Here is my online shop!

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