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Patricia Forrest –

Healing Services Practitioner


My name is Patricia, or my given medicine name is Star. I've spent the better part of a decade training in energy work, and have been an intuitive my whole life. I had an in-person 1:1 practice for about 3 years, but the world-shift from the pandemic has required healers to take a different approach. We are moving away from treating symptoms and into an era that benefits most from leading with our heart and finding our truth. Authenticity is the real medicine now, and the seed from which the new earth will grow. 

In this spirit, I'm shifting focus to lead by example and help others find their true path. Mine is to work with stones. When you view the world through the lens of the heart, you see things with the sense of wonder a child has. That's where the real magic happens. 

Please stop by my YouTube Channel and check out what I have to offer so far!


Also, here is my online shop!


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