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What does a session look like? 

Right now, I'm only offering remote sessions because of the pandemic. This will probably change in the future, but for now, I'll make lemons! :) 

These work as an hour-long session - the first 30 minutes are me doing my thing, and then I do a phone call to discuss the findings and any other concerns you may have. I recommend just laying down and listening to music or relaxing during the work.


I begin by working through the subtle outer energy bodies, almost always removing entities or attachments, blockages and disharmonious energies and restoring them to balance. I also work with the physical and physical etheric body to create harmony there too and work with the acupuncture meridians to connect the spiritual and physical.  Afterwards we work on your healing story - what tools and techniques you can take with you to arm you and prepare you for when life inevitably happens. For anyone that has ever worked with me, you also get a lifelong space-holder for your healing journey. That means I constantly send you love and healing and "hold the space" for you to ultimately be empowered to heal yourself.

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